Our Mission

Our mission at Studio 114 is simple: provide high quality audio services at a fair rate and help you create recordings, within your budget, that you will be proud of. Our facility and our talented engineers make us unique, but it is our commitment to this mission that sets us apart.

We believe it is important for all musicians to have access to a studio that can deliver hi-end audio quality like we are used to hearing on CD's or the radio everyday. The problem is that most studios known for this level of quality can be far too expensive, often charging $70, $80, even $100 an hour. Many bands and artists looking for studio time simply cannot justify paying these rates. Whether you are supporting yourself or working with an Indie label, budgets for recording are often tight - we fully understand this.

Because we are musicians ourselves, we also know that artists never envision mediocre recordings of their music. However, many of the "home" studios offering the lowest hourly rates may not be equipped or experienced enough to turn out the quality you want, and the "do it yourself" method can be frustrating as you are not able to fully focus on the music.

view from console

Our solution, and the way we achieve success from our mission statement, is preparation. At Studio 114, we are experienced with project management and helping musicians prepare to get the most out of their studio time. Our Engineers can work with you to develop a plan so when the time comes to record you will know what to expect and all you have to do is focus on what matters most - your music.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how Studio 114 might be able to help with your project. Our friendly Engineers are always happy to answer any questions you may have.