Rate Information

Our Standard Rate for Recording and Mixing services is $40 per hour

For those who are planning projects which will require a bit of time in the studio, we are pleased to offer the following Block Rate booking deals:

The "Demo" Package - 8 hours for $300

The "EP" Package - 16 hours for $550

If you book a Block Rate deal and additional time is needed, we can offer special hourly rates. The rates are based on the Package you have chosen. If you have booked the "Demo" Package and you feel that you will need more than just a few extra hours, we will give you the option to bump up to the "EP" Package.

If you are planning a large-scale project (a full-length album, for example) which will require more time than we have alloted in the listed Packages, please contact us for more information.

Please Remember to plan some time for mixing when considering a Block Rate Package.

If you have any questions about which booking deal with best suit your needs, or if you have a project with special budget concerns, please contact us and our Engineers will be happy to speak with you.

Booking Policies:
-The hours for Block Rate Packages can be spread over multiple days. In fact, most people play better in short bursts.
-Full payment is due before final mixes will be released, unless special arrangements have previously been arranged.
-Minimum Booking Requirement: 1 Hour
-Setup time is billable. Though we are not recording, proper setup is vital to great sounding recordings.