Michael comes from a family of musicians and has been involved with music from a young age. After forming a band with his brothers and sister, he took on a role as the group's Sound Engineer. Through years of experimenting with the audio equipment, he realized he wanted to pursue a career in Music Production. He attended Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA, where he Majored in Music Production and Engineering with Guitar as his principle instrument. While in school, he had the opportunity to record with many bands in a variety of genres like Rock, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Blues, etc. He took focus classes in Hard Disk Recording and Non-Linear Editing, Music Production for Visual Media, and Music Production for Records. Graduating from the program in 2006, he had work as a Freelance Live Sound Engineer for various companies in the New England area. He also did engineering work at local studios, working as a Second Engineer on various projects. While working at these studios, Michael was involved with a good amount of live recordings before making Studio 114 his focal point in early 2007.


Brendan took an interest in Audio Production when he decided to handle the recording duties for his band in High School. After a few years of working with digital workstations and independently learning recording techniques, he took the next step and attended the Audio Production degree program at The New England Institute of Art, located just outside of Boston, MA. While in school, he worked with many local Rock bands and Rap artists. He also focused studies in Sound Design for Film and 5.1 Surround Mixing. Graduating from the program in 2005, he has since worked as an Independent Producer/Engineer for artists in the Southern NH and Boston areas. He also did engineering work for various local studios doing a good amount of radio ads and voiceover recording before turning his focus towards Studio 114 in early 2007.